Our Lean Approach Transforms how Medical Devices are
Launched and Sold

Are you a medical device manufacturer? Here’s how CoVasc can help:

Paying direct reps is expensive. Big salaries, expensive insurance, company cars. The list goes on and on. And what if your rep leaves after a few years? Ugh. Is this really the best sales model?

The CoVasc network of affiliate reps:

  • Are highly experienced in the vascular space.
  • Have existing physician relationships within the vascular community.
  • Do not require a salary, insurance, etc.
  • Will give you increased market penetration with higher margins.

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Are you interested in joining the network of CoVasc affiliates across the country? Here’s how CoVasc can help:

Needing to earn some extra cash on the side? Perhaps you’re wanting to get your feet wet with some industry experience?

Becoming part of the CoVasc network will:

  • Put money in your pocket. Some of our affiliates are full-time while others earn an extra $1,000 per month.
  • Add quality experience to your resume and open doors to additional opportunities.

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